Q.        Is the cost different if I chose a full body design or a head study?
A.        No, the cost is the same for either. The addition of other elements
such as a dog with a bird in it's mouth or a herding dog with sheep will cost

Q.        My dog is not a purebred.  Do you do mixed-breeds?
A.        Yes.  Obviously, a mixed breed would have to be a custom order.  
Orders for mixed-breeds are always welcomed.

Q.        Your business is “The Horse Brooch” but you make mostly dog pins.  
What’s that about?
A.        When I first began this business in 1982,  my work was mostly
exhibited at horse shows.  Many horse people have dogs, and  the requests
to make pins of dogs started out-numbering the requests for horse pieces.  
The decision to begin selling my work at dog shows was a natural evolution,
but I just never changed the name of the business.

Q.        How long does it normally take to receive my pin once it’s been
A.        That varies according to how many orders are ahead of yours. Please
allow six to eight weeks, but that can change.  If time is a concern, contact me
and I will do my part to try and get a piece to you for a special occasion.

Q.       These pieces look so delicate - will they break easily?
A.        Most pieces, using reasonable care, will not break.  The designs of
some animals are more vulnerable (such as the long thin tails on Afghans,
Dalmatians, English Pointers, etc.). The most common reason pieces seem to
be damaged are because of an accidental trip through the washer and dryer.

Q.       I would like something more "elaborate" with other images, such as my
farm or kennel logo. How do I proceed with placing an order like that?
A.        Send visual information (a copy of your logo, etc.)with a description of
what you have in mind for the brooch. I will work out a design that you are
happy with before any work is done on an actual piece, and I will quote a
price for that design.

Questions?    Feel free to contact Bev