Limoges - Painting with Enamels  

A technique of "painting" with enamel, originating in Limoges, France, in
the 15th century which was developed by the Penicaud family. The use
of this technique was the first time that different enamel colors were put
next to each other without the separation of wire or surface metal.

The pieces offered at The Horse Brooch are completely hand-made
enameled (glass/porcelain enamels fused onto copper) brooches of a
large variety of animal images.

The Realistic Style of each piece is individually drawn on and hand-sawn
from a sheet of copper, which is then hand-painted using the Limoges
and painting-on-enamels techniques.  Each piece requires a minimum of
five separate firings in an enameling kiln
Specializing in Custom Work